We will not find it. In the United States won two of the “Party of hatred of enemies”

Midterm elections in the U.S. Congress.

Нам мало не покажется. В США победили две "Партии ненависти к врагам"
© AP Photo / John Locher

Ivan Danilov, the author of the blog the Crimson Alter

The main result of “elections” for Congress and the U.S. Senate is irrelevant to the distribution of seats in the house of representatives and the Senate between the Republican and democratic parties. The main result is that another very strong proof that American society and the American political system has definitively failed. And the beginning of a severe political and social crisis now — only a matter of time.

America is often compared to a “great melting pot” where different cultures, beliefs and ideologies “melted” into a new, eternally young and very talented community. So: the “melting pot” is broken in the foreseeable future to explode so that little nobody seems.

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