Walker hopes to meet with Surkov in the course of a few weeks

Special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker.

Волкер надеется на встречу с Сурковым в течение нескольких недель
CC BY 2.0 / U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine / United States Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker, Kyiv, July 24, 2017

WASHINGTON, Nov 8 – the special representative of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker said he hopes to meet with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov in a few weeks, date and place of the meeting will be announced soon.

“First, Mr. Surkov, and I expressed the desire to meet in a few weeks. We haven’t set a date. But I hope that we will be able to set a date and place which will be convenient for both of us. Nothing is scheduled at the moment, but I hope we do it soon,” Walker said Thursday during a telephone press briefing.

Earlier in October, the special representative of state Department said that the meeting with Surkov he is not yet scheduled, and in late September he said he expects such a meeting during the autumn.

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