“US fury”: the British journalists alarmed the Russian su-27

Freeze-frame video intercept reconnaissance aircraft USA Russian su-27

"США в ярости": британских журналистов встревожили российские Су-27
© U. S. Navy

MOSCOW, 7 Nov — the British tabloid Express ran a piece about how the su-27 intercepted an American reconnaissance plane over the Black sea, without mentioning that the incident occurred at the boundaries of the airspace of Russia.

The material was published under the title “Let them behave”: the US rage from unsafe interception”. While the article has no quotes nor about “rage”, nor about “decent behavior”.

The publication claimed that a Russian fighter jet made a high speed flyby just before electronic intelligence aircraft EP-3E “Aries”, the US Navy established the “risk for pilots” and “turbulence”. The author of the article ignores the fact that American aircraft close to the Russian border and continued to move toward the air space of the country. Su-27 was forced to get the spy plane to identify him and call for the respect of distance.

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