Turkey criticized a US statement on the crisis of the Astana process


В Турции раскритиковали заявление США о кризисе астанинского процесса
Alain Palazhchenko

ANKARA, December 5 — Statement of special envoy of the US state Department on Syria James Jeffrey about the possibility of the collapse of the Astana process in Syria is very unfortunate, said the foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu.

As previously announced, Jeffrey, the US believes that in Astana the process of the Syrian settlement can put a cross, if by December 14 will not be convened Syrian Constitution Committee.

“Statement of Jeffrey in Astana is very unfortunate, and I don’t think it was his personal opinion. If today everyone is talking about that in Syria continues, the truce is working on forming a constitutional Committee, it means that the talks in Astana there are real results. In Geneva, nothing happened, not a single step was not done. And if we with Russia failed to agree on Idlib, it is thanks to Astana and Sochi”, — said the Chairman of the TV channel TRT.

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