Trump will put Russophobes

The President of the United States Donald trump talks to reporters

Трамп начнет сажать русофобов
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Ivan Danilov, the author of the blog the Crimson Alter

The first conclusion that was made by many observers after Donald trump lost control of Congress, — “all right, now be new sanctions against Russia and a impeachment to the Trump.” The leadership of the Democratic party in Congress first promised to investigate the activities of the President, they say, “in the tail and mane”, actively alluding to the fact that now the “agent of the Kremlin” will have to answer for everything. If earlier “Kremlin agent”, whom Democrats and liberal society announced the President of the United States could count on at least a formal defense of Republican congressmen, now Congress itself may create another special Commission, in which the trump haters are in the majority, and declare that the investigation of the Commission acknowledged that the trump — agent Putin, was elected to the post with “hackers”, and that an urgent need to punish the President and his “Russian curators” and all Russians at the same time. The prospect unpleasant, especially among the leadership of the Democratic party is full of rabid Russophobes, ready for anything (maybe even put the world to the brink of nuclear war), just to get back at the “damned Russian” — because they dare to behave independently and “forgot about the defeat in the Cold war.”

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Therefore, we can expect new sanctions for meddling in the election and maybe even the new requirements start with Russia, a real war in Syria, and the rejection of new sanctions or refusal to go to war with Russia in Syria (or, why not, in the Crimea) will be used as evidence that the President of the United States — Kremlin agent. And as such should be subjected to at least the impeachment, and as a maximum — the death penalty for treason.

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