Trump unhappy with how Riyadh treats murder Casucci

The President of the United States Donald trumpТрамп недоволен тем, как Эр-Рияд обходится с делом об убийстве Хашукджи© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

WASHINGTON, 21 Oct — the US President Donald trump said that he was not happy with the way Saudi Arabia treats the murder of a Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci.

State media in Saudi Arabia has spread in the night of Saturday the message of the Prosecutor General of the country that, according to preliminary data, Casucci dead, and his death brought an unplanned altercation with the staff of the Consulate. In this case arrested the 18 people who questioned, the Saudi authorities seek to establish the truth and bring to justice all those responsible.

“No, I’m not satisfied (the actions of the authorities of Saudi Arabia — ed.) until then, until we get answers. But it was the first big step, it was a good first step. But I want to find out the answer,” he told reporters on Saturday.

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