Trump said that his policy on Iran prevented the increase in oil prices

Drilling rig.

Трамп заявил, что именно его политика по Ирану помешала росту цен на нефть
Press-service of JSC “NK Rosneft”

WASHINGTON, 7 Nov – US President Donald trump said that thanks to him, the price of oil on world markets to break the mark of $ 100-150 per barrel, much of this was due to the fact that the United States decided to compromise on the issue of sanctions against Iran.

“We have imposed the strongest sanctions in the history of our country, North Korea too (in those countries that came under the most serious restrictions — ed.). But I have given some countries the tolerances (buy — ed.) of oil (Iran — ed.). I did it to some extent because they need help. But the more I did it, because I didn’t want oil prices jumped to $ 100-150 per barrel. But I’m dropping it below. If you look at the price of oil, it gradually drops in price the last few months,” said trump at a press conference after the elections to Congress.

“We have a monopoly called OPEC. And I don’t like the monopoly… We don’t need oil for $ 100-200, it’s a very fragile market, this could happen”, — stressed the President of the United States.

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