Trump commented on the protests in France

The US President Donald trump.

Трамп прокомментировал протесты во Франции
© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — the Massive protests in France because of higher fuel prices showed loyalty to the U.S. decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, said the American President Donald trump.

“I am pleased that my friend Emmanuel macron and protesters in Paris agreed with the conclusion that I made two years ago. The Paris agreement is profoundly mistaken, because it raises energy prices for responsible countries, at the same time justifying the biggest sources of pollution in the world,” trump wrote on Twitter.

“I want clean air and clean water and has made great strides in improving the environment in the United States. American taxpayers and workers should not pay for the cleanup of contamination in other countries,” the President added that in 2017, announced that the United States cease participating in the Paris climate agreement.

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