The US issued an ultimatum, “the chief enemy of Russia”

Flags of Poland, the EU and NATO in Warsaw.

США предъявили ультиматум "главному противнику России"
Michael Marakhovsky Voskresenskiye

First, the news. The Republic of Poland, the third day excites the letter of the American Ambassador Giorgetti, Mosbacher local Prime Minister Mateusz Morewelcome.

The letter, in principle, was not intended for the public, it “flowed”. And so in a letter to her Excellency the Ambassador talks with the Polish Prime Minister is not as expected for the species, as well as it is necessary to communicate with satellites.

For starters, by mistake calling the Prime Minister “Moraweck” (this is about how to appeal to the Prime Minister of Russia, “Mr. Vedmedi”), the Ambassador writes:

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