The US imposed sanctions against sanatoria in the Crimea and the “South project” Kovalchuk

The building of the Ministry of the Treasury in Washington.

США ввели санкции против санаториев в Крыму и "Южного проекта" Ковальчука
CC BY 2.0 / Tim Wang / 美国财政部。

WASHINGTON, Nov 8 – the US imposed sanctions against three Crimean sanatoria and “South project” belonging to Bank “Russia” Yuri Kovalchuk, the documents on the website of the U.S. Treasury.

As previously reported by journalists, the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker, sanctions are imposed against investment projects, privatization objects and individuals that support the integration of Crimea into Russia.

Among the nine organizations hit by the sanctions — the sanatorium “AI-Petri”, “Dulber” and “Mishor” in the Crimea.

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