The US government can press charges against the boyfriend Butinai write media

Maria Butina.

Власти США могут предъявить обвинения бойфренду Бутиной, пишут СМИ
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MOSCOW, 5 Dec — the US Government can show the American boyfriend Russian women’s Butinai Paul Erickson charges similar to the charges against her, reports the Daily Beast.

According to him, the corresponding warning contained in the letter that Federal investigators were sent to the attorneys of Erickson in September. It is noted that in the letter against the activist of the Republican party who has not been charged and is not approved, that they will face in the future.

Butino detained in the USA in July, she faces up to 15 years in prison. Russian woman accused of conspiring an agent of a foreign government without registering with the U.S. Department of justice, as well as directly in the work of a foreign agent. Butina told the court about his innocence. The lawyer of Russians said that she wasn’t doing anything illegal, and her connections in the United States are fully explained by studies at the local University majoring in “international relations”.

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