The United States sent warships to the Persian Gulf for show of force to Iran

The aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis.

США направят военные корабли в Персидский залив для демонстрации силы Ирану
© Flickr / Official U.S. Navy Page

MOSCOW, 4 Dec – a Group of U.S. Navy ships in the next few days will go to the Persian Gulf for show of force to Iran, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the U.S. Department of defense.

In November, the television channel CNN, citing sources in the Pentagon reported that the Ministry rejected a request by U.S. Central command to deploy additional military resources, including aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. This request was made amid concerns that Iran could deploy a military operation against the United States in response to sanctions.

According to the WSJ, the U.S. aircraft carrier John C. Stennis and other US ships by the end of the week will go into the waters of the Middle East region. The entry of US ships in the Persian Gulf will be the first such operation in the past eight months. The purpose of here ships — a demonstration to Iran of U.S. forces, the newspaper said.

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