The United States are with Russia and Turkey consultations on the issue of terrorists in Syria

Panorama Of Idlib, Syria.

США ведут с Россией и Турцией консультации по проблеме террористов в Сирии
© AFP 2018 / Omar Haj Kadour

BRUSSELS, 7 Nov – the US aware of the threat of returning fighters from Syria to their countries of origin and lead on this issue consultations with the Russian Federation and Turkey, told reporters on Wednesday the US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey.

During a telephone press briefing in Brussels, the diplomat replied in the affirmative to the question, you know the United States about the threat of the spread of terrorist elements from Syria and whether Washington consulted with other parties to solve this problem.

“The focus is on winning on the last elements of IG* in the area of the Euphrates, this fight is now in collaboration with the “Syrian democratic forces,” he told reporters.

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