The U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty: Moscow promised an adequate response

American tactical missile system, MGM-140. ballistic short-range missiles

Выход США из ДРСМД: Москва пообещала адекватный ответ
CC0 / U.S. Army / Washington’s Game around the INF Treaty due to the fact that, say, Russia it breaks, sewn with white thread. But this situation is no less dangerous, especially for Europe. The US decision will put the European elite before the fatal choice.

Judging by the statements of the United States associated with the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles, Washington and Moscow more ceremony is not intended. And switched to the language of ultimatums – the path is obviously a dead end. Political aggravation game entered a critical phase, and becomes in practice. Very organic that the conditions of Russia, allegedly in violation of the agreement proposed, but rather voiced a strength to the bone, by accident, caught in the seat of the head of the state Department Mike Pompeo. Here he is at ease. Although it is certainly not that particular person. In relation to Moscow, in Washington, a consensus, and even if Donald trump would like to discuss with the Russian side security issues – to make he can not, since bound hand and foot.

The whole story of the US intention to withdraw from the INF Treaty due to the fact that, say, Russia it breaks, sewn with white thread. It is well known that it does have missiles, sea-and air-based with a range of under the terms of the contract. But – attention! document focused exclusively on land-based missiles. It’s a matter of principle. But the United States itself actively develop and conduct flight tests of ballistic missiles with a range of from 500 to 5000 kilometers and place in Europe position of being able to start a percussion cruise missiles of type “Tomahawk”. They are based just on land, there is a direct and flagrant violation of the Treaty. So it’s not Washington, but Moscow had to issue an ultimatum. But who is interested in objectivity? For the implementation of the General line of Washington pays no attention to the inconsistencies and obvious gaps.

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Vladimir Putin said the American side has not provided any evidence of the alleged violation by Russia of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range. The President added that the statement Mike Pompeo late, because first, the U.S. side has announced that it intends to withdraw from the Treaty, and then the search began justifications. Exactly the way it was. Intention to withdraw from the agreement, Donald trump announced in October. And instructed the relevant departments to collect data on the breach of contract on the part of Moscow. Those, of course, “dug” out. However, to show the public their data as always, did not. Apparently, using the usual in such cases taking: evidence cannot be published due to their top secret.

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