The U.S. Treasury noted changes in the management of En+, RUSAL and “GAZ Group”

The U.S. Treasury Department in Washington.

Минфин США отметил изменения в управлении En+, "Русала" и "Группы ГАЗ"
© 2018 AFP / Mladen Antonov

MOSCOW, Nov 9 — the U.S. Treasury Department said that En+, RUSAL and “Group GAS” show significant changes in the corporate governance structure, which may lead to a change of control of the companies, to the statements of the Department.

Today, the Ministry once again extended the deadline for completion of transactions in shares and debt instruments of RUSAL, En+ and “GAZ Group”, as well as contracts with these companies, until January 7 next year.

“En+, RUSAL and GAS offer significant changes in corporate governance that can potentially lead to significant changes in the control of these companies under sanctions”, — reads the statement of the representative of the U.S. Treasury.

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