The U.S. court of appeals affirmed the denial of the “Virus” in the claim about a ban ON

The building company Kaspersky Lab.

Апелляционный суд США подтвердил отказ "Касперскому" в иске о запрете ПО
Cyril Kallinikov

WASHINGTON, 30 Nov — the court of Appeal of the capital of the district of Columbia affirmed the denial of the claim of “Kaspersky Lab” to ban its products in the U.S. government, said the court’s decision.

The appellate court agreed with the lower court’s decision that the plaintiffs failed to substantiate its claim that the court had no jurisdiction in this matter and that even if the claim was satisfied, it would not affect the ban programs “virus”.

The Ministry of internal security of the United States September 13, 2017 issued a Directive that instructed all government agencies and related companies within three months to start implementing measures to end the use of the software “Kaspersky Lab” because they are, in the opinion of the Department, can be used to damage U.S. national security.

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