The Rabbi of Sebastopol will once again represent Russia at the Congress in new York

The chief Rabbi of Sevastopol Benjamin wolf.

Раввин из Севастополя вновь представит Россию на конгрессе в Нью-Йорке
© Photo : Crimea / Maria Abramova

SEVASTOPOL, February 7 – Fedor Dmitriev. The chief Rabbi of Sevastopol Benjamin wolf said again represented at the world Jewish Congress in new York as the representative of Russia.

In November 2017, the wolf for the first time at the world Jewish Congress received a badge with the inscription “Sevastopol, Russia”. Then it caused a flurry of discontent in the Ukrainian media.

Wolf stressed that the Jewish Congress is no policy, there is recognition of the accomplished facts. “No one is not surprising that Sevastopol is Russian. Over our city the Russian flag, a Russian money-the Russian government”, — he said

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that the world Jewish Congress is the most influential public non-political organization in the world, it covers with its influence the whole Jewish world from Australia to South America. “And therefore, as a people, far from politics, participants prefer to look at the world and make decisions completely neutral and out of any political discussions. That is why the “Sevastopol, Russia” is the label for the truth”, — said the wolf.

In September, wolf said that he had received a long-awaited Russian citizenship and their future life is going to link with the Crimea.

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