The police does not exclude that the shooting in the bar in California was a terrorist attack

Police at the scene of a shooting in the city thousand Oaks in California. 8 Nov 2018

Полиция не исключает, что стрельба в баре в Калифорнии была терактом
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MOSCOW, Nov 8 — Police in Ventura County in California does not exclude the version of act of terrorism in the shooting at the bar, Borderline, said the local police Sheriff Geoff Dean.

“We have not yet determined who was a suspect… We don’t know if there’s any link to terrorism with this incident or not. As you know, is under investigation. And this information will be known when it is clearly determined who was a suspect,” said Sheriff, a broadcast led TV ABC7.

As previously reported by Dean, in a shooting at a bar in California Borderline killed 11 people and a police officer and the alleged offender. According to media reports, the bar Borderline, which hosted a frat party, the unknown fired at least 30 shots.

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