The leaders of the CSTO made for the preservation of the INF Treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting of the collective security Council of the CSTO in Astana. 8 Nov 2018

Лидеры ОДКБ выступили за сохранение ДРСМД
Eugene Biyatov

MOSCOW, Nov 8 — the leaders of the CSTO in favour of maintaining the viability of the INF Treaty, expressed concern at the planned exit from the United States, States signed on Thursday a Declaration of the CSTO summit.

“Reaffirming the commitment to the principle of equal and indivisible security, expressed concern about the situation around the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles in connection with the statements of the representatives of the U.S. intention to withdraw from it. In favour of maintaining the viability of the agreement”, — stated in the document published on the Kremlin website.

Also the CSTO member States note the importance of supporting the efforts and initiatives aimed at “safeguarding the integrity of multilateral mechanisms of disarmament, non-proliferation and arms control, strengthening the authority of the relevant international organisations”.

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