The last 60 days Pompeo. USA left the world two months

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during a press conference in Washington. 14 Sep 2018

Последние 60 дней Помпео. США оставили миру два месяца
© AFP 2018 / LoebСтрого Saul saying, now in this story with their already announced a withdrawal from the INF Treaty was only one question. Why again only two months later?

Последние 60 дней Помпео. США оставили миру два месяца
The last 60 days Pompeo. The United States left the world two masasamang browser does not support HTML5 audioЭто was the hour Pompeo. And if after 60 days, the deadline of its ultimatum to Russia, but now for sure it will be the last day of Pompeo. Therefore, it was necessary to see its full historical pathos face. Some may say that it is always full and pouting cheeks – this is his normal state. He does, in this sense, a major figure. But now it is his weight and pushed the passport of the foreign Ministers of NATO. Although their agreement for the United States – no more than a formality. But even Sherkhan did not disdain tobacco.

Stoltenberg played up close to the text. “So I say – shame” – almost as in the original, echoed the Secretary General gosaku when he accused Moscow of violating the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles and announced that includes a countdown. “The United States withdraw from obligations under the INF Treaty, if Russia 60 days will not come back to his performance.” Then I thought, and added specifics. “If Russia removes its missile program, we will welcome it.” And all? To include self-destruct sequence, and then we will finally understand and forgive. And maybe even rewarded. Posthumously.

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Strictly speaking, now in this story with their withdrawal from the Treaty was only one question. Why again only two months later? Trump also back in October frankly shifted because they need to go. It’s like they are poor, suffer. So imagine what they have in mind. So it seems stupid people need to understand that not Russia was a missile for the protection of the United States that at the request of the US to abandon it. They would have immediately offered us to surrender. Although they suggested.

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