The head of the IMF commented on the trade agreement with China

The building of the International monetary Fund in Washington.

Глава МВФ прокомментировала торговые договоренности США с Китаем
Natalia Seliverstova

WASHINGTON, 5 Dec – the head of the International monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde described the significant progress the desire of the President of the United States of Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping to negotiate on trade.

Talks trump and XI Jinping held in Argentina after the end of the G20 summit. The leaders agreed to suspend a trade war — not to impose additional tariffs after 1 January. However, it is not known what will happen with the old restrictive duties.

“I’m not sure that the goal is to conclude a trade agreement (90 days). But at least it is a significant progress. You know, the most important thing is to reach an understanding on both sides on key issues, to agree on the fact that there is subsidies, which means the protection of intellectual property, which is a state company. It is difficult, it will take time, but the desire of the two presidents to move on and the desire to discuss this issue in contrast with the fact that we had to overcome, is already a progress,” she said, speaking at the library of Congress on the results of the eighth readings in the name of Henry Kissinger.

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