The expert described the purpose of the publication about the prize of the Russian Federation of anti-Iranian US sanctions

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Эксперт назвал цель публикации о выигрыше РФ от антииранских санкций США
© AP Photo / Ebrahim NorooziРоссия benefited from sanctions against Iran, “repulsed” his buyers and increase the supply of oil, write the American media. On radio Sputnik expert Mikhail Belyaev commented on this post.

Russia was able to win thanks to the US sanctions against Iran, writes the American edition the Wall Street Journal.

It is noted that the Moscow repelled buyers from Tehran and increased the supply of oil thanks to anti-Iranian measures of Washington. However, Russia also is helping Iran survive the sanctions pressure, buying its oil for domestic consumption and their own, which freed as a result of this maneuver will be exported, primarily to Europe. The newspaper also reports that Russia is going to buy Iranian energy resources to barter in exchange for production equipment and food products.

It is emphasized that Moscow has already produced a record for the last 30 years the volumes of oil and is in first place on this parameter in the world. In October the country managed to get out of the depths of 11.41 million barrels per day, an increase of 4.3% compared to the corresponding period in 2017.

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