The democratic party of the United States

Supporters of the US Democratic party

Демократическая партия США
Nikita Shokhov

The U.S. democratic party (Democratic Party) is one of two (along with the Republican party), the largest American political parties.

The Democrats trace their history from the Democratic Republican party founded in 1791 by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Aaron Burr and George Clinton.

In 1828, after the split with the national Republicans (soon called the Whigs) were created by the new Democratic party under the leadership of Andrew Jackson and John Caldwell Calhoun. Democratic party United planters-slaveholders of the South and the associated part of the business community of the North, as well as a significant group of farmers and the petty bourgeoisie. She advocated the priority of the rights of the States to the Federal legislation for the restriction of the prerogatives of the Central government.

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