The Arab coalition has said the refusal of US aid in the refueling of aircraft

The F-15 Saudi air force.

В арабской коалиции заявили об отказе от помощи США в дозаправке самолетов
© AP Photo / Hassan Ammar, File

MOSCOW, 10 Nov — the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia decided to refuel involved in the operation in Yemen aircraft without the support of the States corresponding to the coalition’s statement published by Saudi news Agency SPA.

Earlier, the Washington Post, citing sources reported that the American administration will stop the refueling of aircraft in the sky of the coalition: representatives from both American parties have demanded to take such measures against the background of growing criticism of Saudi actions in Yemen, but in part this was caused by the increase in capabilities of the air force of Saudi Arabia.

“The Kingdom and the coalition improved ability to implement refueling in Yemen on their own. As a result, the coalition, in consultation with the United States, requested a cessation of support for the refueling of aircraft for operations in Yemen,” the statement said of the coalition.

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