The analyst spoke about the latest political fiasco USA

The office of the presidential administration of Yemen after the bombing.

Политолог рассказал об очередном политическом фиаско США
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MOSCOW, 11 Nov — the Double standards of US foreign policy, manifested in different attitude to Russia, Iran and Syria on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia on the other, led to another failure on the international stage, writes specialist on geopolitics, Alexander del Val for publication

According to him, the US has introduced new sanctions against Russia, Syria, and restore the old against Iran, but at the same time, did not react to the atrocities that Saudi Arabia like Yemen.

However, even evidence of the involvement of Saudi Arabia to the September 11 attacks have not broken relations between the two countries. However, according to the United States, in a similar situation is not the way things are in Ukraine, where Russia is to blame. In addition, very different, and in the case of Syria, where the United States lay the blame for the death toll in the government forces of Bashar al-Assad, forgetting that the majority of Syrians killed at the hands of jihadists, experts say.

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