The analyst evaluated the results of the US election for Mexico

The vote in the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress in new York.

Политолог оценил итоги выборов в США для Мексики
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MEXICO city, Nov 7 — Dmitry Znamensky. The results of the latest U.S. mid-term elections to Congress may have positive consequences for the relationship with Mexico, said Mexican political scientist, Professor at the Ibero-American University Ruben Aguilar Valenzuela.

On Tuesday, November 6, was held the mid-term elections in the U.S. Congress. According to the latest data, the Republicans retained the majority in the U.S. Senate, securing at least 52 seats in the required 50 for control of the upper house, but lost the majority in the house of representatives.

“The fact that Democrats won the majority in the house of representatives could put pressure on the government Donald trump’s immigration policy with Mexico. The Democrats have always been more open, support programs for migrants were against the construction of new walls on the boundary, in addition to the already existing (barrier systems are about 1 thousand kilometers on the us-Mexican border, ed.). They have always been more open to inclusion in the life of the United States minority groups from the Latino community,” said Aguilar

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