The analyst assessed the prospects of U.S. relations with the EU after the elections to Congress

The flags of the EU and the USA at the European Parliament building in Brussels.

Аналитик оценил перспективы отношений США с ЕС после выборов в конгресс
© AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

BRUSSELS, 7 Nov — Alexander Shishlo. US relations with the European Union will continue to worsen in the Congress, the head of the center for geopolitical studies Eurocontinent Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann.

After the elections on Tuesday, Democrats won control of the house of representatives and the Republicans took the Senate. The US President Donald trump called it a success.

“Transatlantic relations will become increasingly complex because United States in reality has always proceeded from the principle of “America above all” and forced the Europeans to support the policy of Washington. When this does not happen, they made a split in the ranks of Europe. This policy will be continued. For Americans, Europe is the theater, which is useful for control of Eurasia”, — said the expert

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