Syrian General: Damascus has the right to fight with the military presence of the United States

The head of the political Department of the Syrian army, Hassan Ahmad Hassan

Сирийский генерал: Дамаск имеет право бороться с военным присутствием США
Zaman Ramazanov

DAMASCUS, Nov 8 – Zaman Ramazanov. Syria has the right to deal with the military presence of U.S. and other coalition countries on its territory with all kinds of tools, said in an interview with the head of the political Department of the Syrian army, Brigadier General Hasan Ahmad Hasan.

Commenting on the establishment of a military base of France near the city of raqqa, Hassan pointed to the country’s membership in the international coalition fight against Islamic state* headed by the United States. “France — part of the coalition, announced his intention to seek partition of Syria, the desire to split the country and the entire region. It is their basic logic of actions”, — said the General.

He recalled that the state has the right to a military presence in another country only on the basis of a request from the latter or, if the relevant mandate of the UN Security Council.

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