Scientists have successfully transplanted “humanized” pig heart


Ученые впервые успешно пересадили "очеловеченное" сердце свиньи

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – Biologists from Europe and the United States announced the successful completion of the transplant experiment of transgenic pig hearts into the body several baboons. The results of their experiments were presented in the journal Nature.

“Heart transplantation is often the only way of saving life of many patients. Unfortunately, donor organs are not enough, and so we have been discussing the possibility of xenotransplantation. Our monkeys have lived more than six months with the pig’s heart that was a big breakthrough in this area,” write the biologists.

Someone else’s heart

About 15 years ago biologists began to actively discuss the possibility of so-called xenotransplantation – the transplant of animal organs into the human body. To implement this idea in life, as it seemed to the scientists before, it was necessary to do a simple operation to make the immune system does not reject “foreign” organs.

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