Scientists have named spice, enhancing the strength of the heart


Ученые назвали специю, повышающую выносливость сердца

MOSCOW, 30 Nov – /strong>. Turmeric has been extremely helpful for heart health. It has significantly improved the ability of the body to carry high loads, researchers report in an article published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

“We showed that curcumin increases the level of activity of the gene Nrf2, responsible for the fight against oxidants in cells of the heart muscle and other muscles. Such a strategy can significantly improve the quality of life of people suffering from heart problems,” said Wafi Ahmed (Ahmed Wafi) from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (USA).

Curry and many other spices on the basis of turmeric, as recently discovered by scientists, not only improve the appearance and taste of the food, but also have a lot of hidden useful features. For example, a year ago, biologists from the United States found that it can be used to deliver chemotherapy to cancer cells.

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