Scientists have found that when spouses stop cursing

An elderly couple

Ученые выяснили, когда супруги перестают ругаться

MOSCOW, 4 Dec – Husbands and wives no longer need to argue with each other and quarrel over nothing a few decades of living together, when they replace the humor and understanding all of the pros and cons each other. To such conclusion sociologists have presented their observations in the journal Emotion.

“This discovery emphasizes the importance of positive emotions for our health. It might explain why married men and women on average live longer than elderly people living alone,” says Alice Wursten (Alice Verstaen) from the University of California at Berkeley (USA).

Its research team came to this conclusion, trying to find the answer to a simple question – how to relate to each other various family members and what a typical role in it played by fathers, sons, mothers, grandparents, sisters and other people, and what emotions they evoke from each other.

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