Saxo Bank has not ruled out introducing a global tax on vehicles in 2019

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Saxo Bank не исключили введения всемирного налога на транспорт в 2019 году
Vladimir Sergeev

MOSCOW, Dec 4 — world Concern about global climate change in 2019 will result in the introduction of the world vehicle tax, which will apply to airline tickets and tonnage of vessels said to be “shocking” predictions Saxo Bank.

Saxo Bank publishes annual “outrageous predictions” for next year. They primarily unlikely, but underrated events, for which financial markets can cover a powerful “shock wave”. Although considering the predictions do not represent the official market forecasts Saxo, they warn that many investors can be mistaken, estimating the probability of occurrence of the events is negligibly small. Inclusion in the list means that he Saxo Bank believes that their probability is not less than 10%.

“The world is facing another year of extreme weather events – in particular, summer in Europe is again very hot – which causes panic in the capitals of different countries. International aviation and shipping, using a very substantial tax privileges, become (in 2019 – ed) the goal of the new world of vehicle tax, which is a global tax on airline tickets and on the tonnage of ships, whose rate is linked to the volume of carbon emissions,” predicts Saxo Bank.

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