Problems with Boeing 737 Max may affect 246 aircraft worldwide

The Boeing 737 Max.

Проблемы с Boeing 737 Max могут затронуть 246 самолетов по всему миру
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WASHINGTON, Nov 8 – Problem with sensors of the Boeing 737 Max can tap 246 of cars worldwide, the statement said the Federal aviation administration (FAA), received in

“Boeing issued a Bulletin, intended for the crews of the potential errors entering data in transmission with angle of attack. The horizontal stabilizers tilted down the nose of the aircraft, which leads to difficulties in the management of the aircraft”, — stated in the message.

“The FAA warned (about it) local carriers and aviation authorities in other countries using Boeing 737 Max… This situation affects 246 aircraft worldwide, including 45 from among Southwest, American (Airlines) and United”, — stated in the message.

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