Opinion: relying on the “importance” for US, Poland is losing strategically

American military during a training exercise Atlantic resolve in Żagań, Poland

Мнение: рассчитывая на "важность" для США, Польша проигрывает стратегически
© AFP 2018 / Natalia DobryszyckaПосол the United States declared Poland “a Bastion of protection” from Russia. On radio Sputnik political scientist, the Deputy Director of the National Institute of modern ideology development Igor Shatrov expressed the view that Warsaw performs for Washington specific mission.

U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Georgette, Mosbacher believes that this country plays a fundamental role for the global strategy of American President Donald trump. She spoke about it in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

“Poland is a kind of Bastion in the region, to protect from Russian aggression. There is no doubt that Russia will not give up provocations, and therefore, Poland should remain the Foundation of stability in the region”, – said Mosbacher.

The U.S. Ambassador also added that Poland plays a key role for the security of the United States.

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