Opinion on new sanctions against Crimea: US cast “side-cards”

The swallow’s nest castle in Crimea

Мнение о новых санкциях против Крыма: США разыгрывают "боковые карты"
Sergey Bulgakov the Russian Embassy said that the US imposed sanctions against the Crimea “in standby mode”. On radio Sputnik expert Alexander Kubyshkin expressed the view that the American side in the sanctions policy appeared “more stimulus”.

The Russian Embassy in the U.S. expects that the sanctions that Washington imposed on the Crimean resorts should make them more popular. This is stated in the statement of the diplomatic mission in Facebook.

“The US authorities continue in standby mode to impose sanctions on the Russian Crimea. We promised to do this every month or two. The next round, so we can expect for the New year. Let’s face it, have long ceased to understand what he wants to achieve the American side,” – said the Embassy statement.

“Noticed that, this time, appeared in the list of the Crimean sanatoriums. Including the world’s best SPA-hotel. Expected in this context, the growing popularity of these resorts. For American tourists, they believe, will introduce now special offers”, – said at the Embassy and invited US citizens to come to rest in the Crimea.

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