Obrador intends to discuss the development of Central America from USA and Canada

The President Of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Обрадор намерен обсудить развитие Центральной Америки с США и Канадой
© AP Photo / Marco Ugarte

MEXICO city, 1 Dec – the President of Mexico, andrés Manuel lópez Obrador said Saturday that he intends to discuss with heads of the USA and Canada agreement on investment for development in Central America.

“U.S. President Donald trump and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau we want to discuss, in addition to the new agreement UMSCA, the agreement on investment of the companies and the governments of the three countries to give impetus to the development of the Central American countries and our country,” said Lopez Obrador during his address to the nation from Parliament after taking office.

According to him, this project will be important for the solution of the “migratory phenomenon”, in particular, flows of refugees from Central America through Mexico to the United States.

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