Netanyahu informed Pompeo about “Northern shield”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Нетаньяху проинформировал Помпео об операции "Северный щит"
© REUTERS / Pool/Abir Sultan

MOSCOW, Dec 4 — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo about “Northern shield” on the border with Lebanon, according to the office of the head of the Israeli government.

The Israeli military on Tuesday announced the start of the operation, “North shield,” during which they intend to find and destroy cross-border tunnels laid the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah” in order to smuggle fighters to the Jewish state. The operation will be conducted only on the Israeli-controlled territory, including the Northern part of the Golan heights. The troops of the Northern district is given in high alert and reinforced.

“The Prime Minister informed the Secretary of state about the operation, “North shield” and said that the tunnels that built a movement “Hezbollah”, are a gross violation of Israeli sovereignty and of UN security Council resolution 1701,” — said in a statement released by the office of the Netanyahu statement. It is clarified that the meeting with Pompeo was held in Brussels.

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