Mega flare will teach physicists to predict “space weather”

Solar flare

Мега-вспышка на Солнце научит физиков предсказывать "космическую погоду"

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – /strong>. The study period of powerful solar flares has helped scientists from Skoltech and foreign countries to understand how they can predict such events before they start. The results of their observations were published in the Astrophysical Journal.

“Analysis of last September’s events in the Sun allowed us to understand, how it is distributed and what form has a coronal ejection of mass. It is very important for understanding and predicting extreme space weather events. What would raging storms on the Earth, we wish everyone a good space weather!” – said Tatiana Podladchikova, Professor of SKOLKOVO tech.

Rage lights

The sun is a ball of hot plasma, the upper layer of which is constantly “mixed”, which in combination with the high conductivity of the plasma creates a strong magnetic field. The magnetic field lines often go beyond the more dense layers of the Sun. This leads to the appearance of spots, flares and powerful coronal emission with the potential to destroy civilization and all life on Earth.

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