In the United States died, “the fastest woman in the world”

A video about the American stunt woman kitty O’neil

В США умерла "самая быстрая женщина в мире"
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MOSCOW, Nov 8 — American stunt woman kitty O’neill, which was called “the fastest woman in the world,” passed away at the age of 72 years, reports the Washington Post, citing a funeral home.

Reportedly, O’neal died from pneumonia on 2 November in Eureka (California). Her death was confirmed by the Director of the local funeral homes Lisa Carlsen.

Kitty O’neil became the first woman to join the Stunts Unlimited, stunt considered a major Studio in Hollywood. The title of “fastest woman in the world” she deserved it, reaching a speed of approximately 600 miles per hour (about 966 kilometers per hour) at the wheel of a rocket car.

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