In the EU, spoke about the impact of U.S. sanctions against Iran on the preservation of SVPD

EU flags near the headquarters of the European Commission.

В ЕС рассказали о влиянии санкций США против Ирана на сохранение СВПД
© AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

BRUSSELS, 7 Nov – the US Providing exceptions to a number of European countries in the framework of sanctions against Iran was not questioning the EU’s commitment to the preservation of the nuclear deal, said Wednesday the official representative of the diplomatic service Kosyanchich Maya.

The fifth of November came into force the US sanctions against Iran, which also cover the export of oil. The United States provided temporary exceptions to the oil sanctions to China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey. Exceptions to the anti-Iran US sanctions are valid for 180 days, to renew them is not planned.

“The US providing exceptions to a number of EU countries in the framework of the measures taken was not questioning the EU’s commitment to implementation of the AGREEMENT is clear,” she said, responding to a request to comment on the fact that the US made temporary exceptions for Italy and Greece.

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