In Sudan, awaiting the lifting of us sanctions by June 2019

View Of Khartoum, Sudan.

В Судане ожидают снятие американских санкций к июню 2019 года
© 2018 AFP / Ebrahim Hamid

ABU DHABI, 13 Nov — the Talks on lifting US sanctions from Sudan are at the final stage, the removal of restrictions is expected by June 2019, said the Minister of oil and gas Sudan Azhar Abd al-Qader.

“We work in the second phase of our dialogue with the US, so the embargo can be lifted, which in General will re-open Sudan for the second sharp rise. I hope that by the end of June next year, the sanctions will be lifted,” said Abd al-Kader on the sidelines of a conference in Abu Dhabi.

Sudan was included in the US list of state sponsors of terrorism on 12 August 1993. The list also from December 29 1979 is Syria, and since January 19, 1984 listed Iran. The President of the United States Donald trump in November 2017 at a meeting with members of the administration announced that the U.S. will once again include North Korea on list of state sponsors of terrorism.

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