Imitating the Trump, the owner of brothels posthumously won the election

Polling station in the United States.

Подражавший Трампу владелец публичных домов посмертно выиграл выборы

MOSCOW, 7 Nov — a Politician and owner of brothels in Nevada-Dennis Hof, who represented the Republicans, won election to the state legislature, despite a premature death, writes the local newspaper Reno Gazette Journal.

The results of the election in the 36th electoral district of Nevada became known on Tuesday: the Hof with confidence ahead of the Democratic candidate teacher Lesya Novels. However, the politician died on 16 Oct, and now officials of the state will have to replace the winner with another representative of the Republicans.

Hof’s body was discovered by a famous porn star Ron Jeremy in one of the public houses owned by the policy. In the preceding days of the Hof rapidly celebrated its 72nd anniversary in the company of eminent persons of the sex industry and the political establishment.

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