“Ignorance and dumb ideas”, the media called the policy principles trump

The US President Donald trump.

"Невежество и глупые идеи": СМИ назвали принципы политики Трампа
Sergey Guneev

MOSCOW, 10 Nov — the statements of Donald trump in which he blamed the Obama administration for “losing Crimea”, testify to his ignorance and aggressive instincts, writes the American magazine The American Conservative.

Earlier, the US President has repeatedly stated that “Obama has let the Crimea go” and said, “I could take this thing a completely different position,” adding that “President Putin doesn’t respect President Obama.”

As the newspaper notes, these statements sound very stupid. Even here it is not the important phrase, and the implication of his statements, which means that the American President can “allow” or not “allow” the other major nuclear powers certain actions.

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