Geneticists have decoded the DNA of ancient mummies of the New world

The remains of the ancient Indians learned from one of the pyramids of the Lima culture

Генетики расшифровали ДНК древнейшей мумии Нового Света

MOSCOW, Nov 8 – the”Resurrection” of the genome of ancient mummy of America, found half a century ago in one of the caves in the southern United States, have helped scientists to find the ancestors of modern Indians, and to clarify the history of their settlement in the New World. The results of the analysis of her DNA was presented in the journal Science.

“Mummy from Spirit cave and the remains of “paleoamericans” from Brazil was considered a highly controversial findings, since they had the “wrong” shape of the skull, is not typical for Indians. We showed that the counting of pits and bumps on the head can not reveal the true story of people – people with very different appearances can be close relatives of each other,” said Willerslev Eske (Eske Willerslev) from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

In Indian trail

Quite a long time, scientists believed that the ancestors of the Indians settled in America from southern Siberia and Altai in the course of a single wave of migration that happened about 14-15 thousand years ago. This is supported by the most famous archeological monuments in the territory of North and South America.

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