Eyewitnesses said the gunman in a bar in California

An FBI agent at the scene of a shooting in the city thousand Oaks in California

Очевидцы рассказали о стрелке в баре в Калифорнии
© AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill

MOSCOW, Nov 8 — a Tall man in a black coat, for the first time when he pulled the trigger, didn’t say a word, then expertly reloaded his gun and again opened fire on visitors of the California bar, Borderline, spreading terror and panic, told the TV station ABC7 eyewitnesses of the tragedy at the night school of the American city of Thousand Oaks.

A mass shooting occurred on Thursday night at a student party in the bar of the city of Borderline Thousand Oaks (California). According to recent reports, the incident killed 11 of the visitors and the Sergeant of the local police Department Ron Hilus, which first arrived on the scene. The arrow is eliminated, his identity is not yet established. Injured could get at least 12 people. At the time of the shooting in the bar were a few hundred people. Police in the U.S. Ventura County does not exclude the version of act of terrorism.

Appearance and weapons

Almost all of the witnesses said that the gunman was a tall, light-skinned middle-aged man. He was wearing a black coat, baseball cap and, presumably, glasses. From the weapon the shooter was a big gun and smoke bombs.

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