Ex-military told about the ineffectiveness of Russia’s nuclear “Dead hand”

Preparing for the launch.

Экс-военный рассказал о неэффективности российской ядерной "Мертвой руки"
Sergei Kazak

MOSCOW, Nov 9 — Former chief of staff of the strategic Missile forces (1994-1996) Colonel-General Viktor Yesin in an interview to the newspaper “the Star” explained why the Russian system of automatic nuclear retaliation “Perimeter” may be useless in the event of a military conflict.

According to Esin, after the US withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate range (the INF Treaty), the Russian system “Perimeter” (known in the West as the Dead Hand — “Dead hand”) may lose its effectiveness.

He stated that this system is maintained and has been modernized. “But when it works, we will have little money — we can run only those missiles that survive a first strike of the aggressor,” — said Esin.

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