Drug treatment revealed the source of the “heroin epidemic” in the United States

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Наркологи раскрыли главный источник "героиновой эпидемии" в США

MOSCOW, Nov 4 – /strong>. Fentanyl, the main killer of American addicts started to spread across the country because of the poor harvest poppy shortage of other opiates and its low cost to wholesalers. To such conclusion experts in narcology, who described the main sales channels of these substances in the journal Addiction.

“Fentanyl rarely sell under their own name. Street dealers often don’t know what they spread is “real” or diluted heroin is a synthetic analogue. Not only is it dangerous for the addicts, but also indicates that the suppression of small traders will not protect America from an epidemic of deaths,” says Sarah Mars (Sarah Mars) of the University of California San Francisco (USA).

In the last ten years, social activists and then politicians of the highest rank, began talking about the emergence of a new epidemic of drug abuse in the United States. It originated, as do some researchers, due to the almost uncontrolled spread of oxycontin and other painkillers based on opiates, which the doctor, with the complicity of drug companies producing them, prescribed in all patients with chronic pain.

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