Dispersed through the wards. Republicans and Democrats have divided US Congress

The Capitol in Washington

Разошлись по палатам. Республиканцы и демократы поделили конгресс США
Alex Agaricomycetes that the Americans regarded their Congress as relate to it in Russia. He was also deeply in half. That is all the same. I mean, even score: one-one. And it’s not just the bottom of the civil division. This is a double bottom.

Разошлись по палатам. Республиканцы и демократы поделили конгресс США
Dispersed through the wards. Republicans and Democrats divided Congress Sawah browser does not support HTML5 audioПеремены there. Two Muslim women in Congress. The first in the history of the United States, the Governor is gay. And, according to studies, the refusal of the Americans from long tradition to drink on election night. This time without exception they started to kiss in the morning. It is possible to understand. In their internal political Affairs without a bottle not to understand. Again, there are no bad candidates, there is not enough whiskey. Is that why, by the way, among the winners was a record for Capitol women. In any case, voting in a sober mind and memory – it’s not about them. And that is all completely changed their current election campaign.

But trump she’s definitely not changed. On Twitter he called the results “stunning success” even before they failed. I knew it-they just did not disappoint. And it is unlikely he had in mind an abstract is, as you say, the ones who seem above the fray, “triumph of democracy”. At least because is in it that was causing him irritation turning into rage. It is the same with the Democrats root of one. “Roots”, in the sense that the lower house, and they departed. The Republicans remained “tops”. The Senate.

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That is what caused the President a surge of pride and inspiration. Pre – “news from the field” allowed him to exhale with relief. And the media in one voice insisted that this time trump had passed. Intelligence agencies, however, on the eve of elections recommended not to succumb to the first available information. This, they say, can be the enemies, a lie and a provocation. And they still remained. After all, the security services that so wish there was some sort of intervention. But they don’t know in whose favor. Therefore, it was not.

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