Deconstructor: why the US wants to put an end to the start-3

Launch of submarine-based Trident II D5

Деконструкторы: зачем США хотят поставить крест на СНВ-3
© Photo : U.S. Navy / John KowalskiСкладывается the impression that someone in the US wants to break all the most important treaties with Russia. After talking about the INF Treaty, start-3. It does not matter that it guarantees a new round of degradation to global security.

Two congressional Republicans (Senator and member of the house of representatives) introduced a bill sharply limiting the possibility of extending the Russian-American start-3 Treaty. The most important document signed during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama, expires in 2021. But can be extended.

If Washington is in the spirit of the current extremely dangerous initiatives in the field of security will not be released from the agreement early, the main will remain the question of its extension. And here it is at this reference point the “hawks” want to put the dull barrier. To be more precise – to deny the financing agreement, if it is “unfavorable” America. But then you have to spend quite more money to build up strategic offensive weapons, which, of course, into the hands of the American military-industrial industry in all its dimensions, including lobbying. Speaking separately about a new round of degradation to global security doesn’t even make sense – it’s guaranteed. But “defense” the United States will get an additional coveted billions.

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As usual, the bill is “spiced” with traditional sauce. Well, the President will have in 2021 to prove to Congress that Moscow “had agreed to a controlled reduction in their stockpiles of tactical nuclear weapons and the inclusion of their new systems in the framework of the new start Treaty.” I would, of course, to achieve some confidence that Washington will do the same thing, according to the authors of the bill, is obliged to take Russia.

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