Chinese stock market have opened confident growth of quotations


Фондовые биржи Китая открылись уверенным ростом котировок
Ilya Pitalev

BEIJING, 3 Dec – Chinese Stock market on Monday opened confident growth of the basic indexes against the background of the agreements reached between the U.S. and China not to impose new additional import duties, according to the auction.

Previously following the meeting between U.S. President Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping, which took place in Buenos Aires, the parties agreed not to impose additional duties from 1 January. In particular, trump agreed not to raise tariffs against China from 10 to 25% from 1 January for goods imports $ 200 billion. However, the United States warned that if in the next 90 days is not reached agreement with China on certain trade issues, the fee will increase to 25%.

After the opening of trading on Monday morning, the index of Shanghai stock exchange Shanghai Composite has grown by 2.28% to 2647,13 points, Shenzhen Shenzhen Composite 2, 9% to 1378,18 points. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index rose by 2.51% to 27173,35.

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